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Picture of Rowland


Picture of Tiny Rowland

Tiny Rowland

Tilly makes raccoons in a choice of three sizes. The smallest are the same size as our Bonsai bears (16cm high sitting), the medium size are about 25cm sitting up, and the larger ones are 35cm sitting. Our raccoons have 6 joints, with nut and bolt joints in the double neck joint and in all four limbs.

They are made of mohair with small areas of pure Japanese silk, and they have leather pawpads. Their noses are hand embroidered in perle.

Tilly loves making these, although they are complicated - they have 50 different pieces, and all of them are still trimmed by hand.

One of our medium size raccoons (see picture below) won first prize in the National Teddy Bear Artists Awards 2010; we were very happy with that!

Illustrated: top left Rowland a large raccoon, bottom left Tiny Rowland (anyone out there heard of Lonrho?), the smallest size) and below the medium size chap.

Picture of medium raccoon group

Grouop of medium raccoons